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Le Bab: King of Kebabs

I am fan of the kebab, not a doner, a succulent smoky shish never disappoints. Being a North London native I am by no means deprived of a good kebab. So imagine my surprise on visiting Le Bab in soho when it presented this meaty dish in a whole new light for me. Posh kebabs and ambience (the worlds tiniest restaurant) at kingly court. The decor is chic and inviting although I recommend booking as it gets rammed fast. Also if possible an earlier booking that you can be a tad early before it fills up so you can soak in the cute med style decor that makes you wish back in Oia watching the sunset.

To rehydrate we had a Queens Garden cocktail, which was a fruity little gin number (not too sweet). Then launched straight into ordering 90% of the menu offering. The dishes are great for sharing.

So we ordered everything: the spiced cauliflower pastilla for £5, Paneer Kebab, the 15-hour range free pork shawarma, chicken shish, double cooked fries. I mean you get the picture. We ordered the whole menu (pretty much). There was a special that day too, the lobster which my friend felt obliged to sample too.

As an alternative to the usual bottle of red the waitress recommended a red lambrusco that was served chilled and just thinking about it now is making me salivate! It really was burstingly juicy with notes of cherry and berry...like a grown up boozy Ribena. All in all I would say that Le Bab has made its way into my to 10 cheap eats in London. I highly recommend. This has the Luxtremist seal of approval.

With their sister branch based in Covent Garden. This kebab is a cut above the rest and well worth a visit.

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