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London’s best brunch spots

Granger and Co

No one does brunch food quite like the Aussies. All those years of me thinking that the New Yorkers had brunch nailed..I was wrong. Once you get passed the outrageous queues that start to form around 12 noon on a Saturday and Sunday the restaurant itself is light, airy and inviting.

I am always early so whilst I wait for my friend to arrive have the Korean chicken and a glass of wine. For those of you that don't know I am obsessed with the Korean fried chicken with iceburg lettuce...it never disappoints. In fact, its enough to make you salivate.

My go to for brunch tipple at Granger and Co is the white peach bellini then I always have trouble deciding between the thick fluffy ricotta hot cakes (massive pancakes) or concocting my own plate of fresh eggs and sides. Occasionally I will have the burger too.

With three branches in London Granger and Co is an under rated gem. What I love most about the dishes is that they are no fuss and not greasy or fatty. It doesn't hurt to much the waiters are a dish too.

Dirty Bones

I love me some fried chicken and waffles washed down with a potent cocktail. Now it sounds like a weird combination but it’s my go to brunch meal of choice. No one does chicken and waffles quite like Dirty Bones.

Not only are the interiors dreamy in Dirty Bones but the DJ's are always on point too. If you book a late booking be sure to hang around and make a night of it. Old tune R&B tuuunes. I like the way they work it.

The Greyhound Cafe

When it comes to brunch most people go eggs or that old school american diner nosh. This Thai surprise is for those wanting to try something chic and different. The best way I can describe the cuisine is, polished Thai street food in a Kris K worthy setting and great cocktails.

It tends to be a selection of sharing plates then larger main dishes which are a little spenny but great to get a couple to share for the table.

Whilst the interiors are on point, I always favour sitting outside in the very chic garden with swinging chair in tow. There are plenty of tables inside and out so I have never needed to book. My fave dish is the Three Region Khao Tung which is like a rice crispy cakes that you get to adorned with thai pulled beef, chicken and succulent marinated mushrooms. It’s sounds crazy but it’s delicious.

Flesh and Buns

As part of the Bone Daddies group this is my first choice if I want something gimmicky yet mouthwatering. The offer a brunch menu for £25 and £15 for bottomless bubbles or wine. There is also a great a la carte with a selection of sushi dishes that are worth a try. The big sell on this place is the “push for pisco sour” button on each table. At £10 a cocktail you must at least once as the fanfare is worth the spectacle alone and they are smooth and moreish.

Le Bab : the king of kebabs

I am fan of the kebab, not a doner, a succulent smoky shish never disappoints. Being a North London local I am by no means deprived of a good kebab. So imagine my surprise on visiting Le Bab in soho when it presented this meaty dish in a whole new light for me. Posh kebabs and ambience (the worlds tiniest restaurant) at kingly court. The decor is chic and inviting although I recommend booking as it gets rammed fast. Also if possible an earlier booking that you can be a tad early before it fills up so you can soak in the cute med style decor that makes you wish back in Oia watching the sunset.

The masterminds behind this outfit have recently opened a third brand called Maison Bab in Covent Garden, which is an instagrammers dream. All in all I would say that Le Bab has made its way into my to 10 cheap eats in London. I highly recommend. This has the Luxtremist seal of approval. To rehydrate we had a The Drunken King cocktail, which was a fruity little gin number (not too sweet). Then launched straight into ordering 90% of the menu offering. The dishes are great for sharing. So we ordered everything: the spiced cauliflower pastilla for £5, Paneer Kebab, the 15-hour range free pork shawarma, chicken shish, double cooked fries. I mean you get the picture. We ordered the whole menu (pretty much). There was a special that day too, the lobster which my friend felt obliged to sample too. (please note the menu changes regularly)

Dalloway Terrace

Just a stones throw away from the Tottenham Court Road YMCA is a magical winter wonderland laden with the type of nosh that has me yelling..."get in ma mouth". Now an annual addition to the Bloomsbury Hotel (which I would also strongly recommend for afternoon tea). The Dalloway Terrace is a magical yet sophisticated use of space with a menu that leaves you wanting to come back and sample another dish. Its like stepping into Narnia and the staff were an absolute delight. Their short and sharp a la carte menu is exactly what you would want to gobble down on a cold winters London day. We started with the house white wine (obvs) which was easy to drink and reasonably priced and the sharing burrata.

Dalloway Terrace changes over to its Spring treatment in early Feb so be sure to try and catch the winter menu before the end of the month. Dinner for two with a bottle of wine (no dessert) was approx £85. So well worth it to escape the smog of London and imagine yourself in a magical winter wonderland or spring garden.

Happy Brunching!

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