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My Heart Belongs to Mexico City CDMX

Why do I see CDMX all over Instagram?

I have visited Mexico City twice now. Each time I fall more and more in love. In my opinion it is the most vibrant city in the world. Now that's a bold statement, I hear you all gasp from behind your smartphones. Bold it is but true! CDMX stands for Ciudad de México, or in English Mexico City. Built on Lago de Texcoco, Mexico City is ranked the 12th largest city in the world. With plenty of ground to cover here are my best bits so far.

Getting there?

It seems the world and their wife are in or are off to Mexico City. Suddenly the place of the moment and I know exactly why. I have always wanted to keep the splendor of Mexico to myself, but the secret is out. If you are going to visit, I suggest going off the beaten track to explore the more unique and local parts of town. I flew from London to Mexico City via British Airways for just under £800, and note to self flight prices from the UK are getting more and more expensive as the city grows in popularity. I visited in this same period last year so can see that this is quickly becoming the destination du jour.

What to do?

Frieda Khalos House in Coyoacán, the Teotihuancan pyramids, Maximo. These will all be up there when somebody recommends what’s a must see in CDMX. Just to be clear I completely agree with all top 3 recommendations but there are streams of reviews and post on Pinterest on these so I thought I would share My Mexico City.

The first great thing about Mexico is that with the £ or US $ the cost of living out there is very cheap so you can have a great time without spending very much. Both times I have been I have spent around £500 for a week. And if you can speak Spanish you are at an advantage as very few people spoke English, as you veer away from the more touristy parts of town. I used Uber to get around but when in town download an offline map such as Google Maps or Waze and you can walk to most places. Take a comfy pair of walking shoes as you will be sure to get those steps in and take in the sights. On Saturday in the square I walked past people dancing, it was beautifully romantic.

My favourite neighbourhood is Juarez, very chilled vibe, similar to Williamsburg or London Fields. Predominantly independent boutiques resturants and wine bars. I could literally spend all my time there. El Chocolate Rifa is worth a visit for their blue corn tacos, hot chocolate and beautiful handmade chocolate bars. Then just across the road is my favourite organic wine bar Cicatriz, which is a coffee shop and lunch spot by day then a cool place to hang out with great company in the evening.

The Anthropology Museum is a must. Documenting the history of Mexico and Anthropology from the beginning of time to the present day. It is also nestled in the centre of Chipoltoplec Park which is the city’s largest park.

After educating myself on all things Mayan I walked through the park to the Museum of Modern Art which is a 5 mins walk amongst the Jacaranda trees. Chipoltplec Park is surrounded by loads of the big 4 and 5 star fancy chain hotels if that’s what you are into.

If you get the chance wonder down to the Real Camino Hotel which has been designed by the late Ricardo Legorreta an architect who was so avant- garde. His captivating roundabout is a work of art in itself.

What to eat?

There is this huge miss-conception that Mexican food is all chilli con carne and nachos. The sloppy salty offerings that are presented to us by the american people is not Mexican food. I could spend months eating my way around CDMX as the rich, corn based dishes are so varied. Add to the the melting pot of culture that I found in Roma and Condessa and everything you belly desires is there. I had the nest sushi and cocktails ever at Mog and the most incredibly silky gelato in Juarez. One thing for sure is that Mexicans take food seriously, and for that, they are my kind of people.

1) Mog Bistro, Roma - Great for sushi and cocktails

2) El Morro is a simple yet delicious Churros bar has been around since 1935. Starting off a With their clean decor and queues out of the doors for miles its hard to resist.

3) Rosettsa’s Panaderia, she has three bakeries 2 in Roma and one in Juarez. The guava and the goats cheese and leeks were incredible.

4) The food markets at Cuauhtemoc - Blue Corn Quesadillas and corn fungus (although not the most appetising sounding dish) it is a local delicacy and unlike anything I have ever eaten. The great thing about a lot of Mexican food is that it can easily be vegan provided you ask for it sin queso y sin crema!

5) Then lastly you have to try the Cochinita. The best I tried was in Santa Maria at Tlacoyo Titem which is am amazing artisan Mexican restaurant that does home cooked food with love and fresh fruit juices.

There is still so much of CDMX for me to see so I cant wait for my next visit. The greatest thing about visiting CDMX was is proximity to the rest of Mexico. I visited Holbox and Guadalajara too. Check out the blog posts to find out about Mexico's stunning beaches.

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