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Let’s get PACKtical

Anyone that know’s me will love that I love to travel and I especially love a cheeky spa break. Getting out of the city to get pummeled and stuffed full of food, washed down with copious amounts of fizz = dreamy. The thing that stresses me out is know how to pack for just 2 days (with often unpredictable weather). In my experience no matter where I am travelling, I have either under packed and end up needing to wash my knickers or have packed enough pairs of shoes to rival Imelda Marcus. I've read books, watched youtube videos and trawled Pinterest to become a packing aficionado. Well I have finally found what works best for me. Here are my top tips:

1) Dress for comfort

I love a spa break as it’s a chance for me to go make up free and let it all hang out whilst relaxing and energizing. So I can’t be without my lulu-lemon leggings and a long sleeve t shirt. Ideal for travelling in and the leggings will double up out I get a workout in at the hotel gym.

2) It’s all in the hold-all

Your only going for 2 nights so you don’t need “options”. Make sure the bag you take is not too big to tempt you into shoving in an extra pair of heels that you definitely won’t wear. My go to holdall of choice is a Longchamp La Pliage Foldable Carry On. This is great as it folds up into a nifty little square so you can stuff it in your bag for an emergency.

3) Toiletries miniatures

Now I try and do my best for being as single use plastic as possible but when it comes to my toiletries and its a short break I have not yet nailed it. Nowadays I opt for a bar of soap instead of a plastic shower gel bottle but in the interests of saving space in my bag and lightening the load I take all my favourite toiletries in miniature form. Plus they are ridiculously cute :-) Having that little bit of luxurious comfort away from home and being able to spend the time to pamper yourself whilst your away is a luxury I just cant do without. If I know I will have the added bonus of enjoying a relaxing bath, I always take a travel candle so I transition to a state of zen. That being said if you know of any brands that refil miniatures, please let me know. I swear by Le Labo fragrance as you can take your travel size back to the store and get a refill.

4) Reduce Single Use Plastic

Ever the contradiction me! I try when I can to reduce the use of single use plastic. “Hypocrite I hear you cry from behind your screens after preaching about the joys on toiletry miniatures. So here is the thing. I have been on this journey for a year and it’s. huge habit change, I strongly believe that if well start today by the time our kids are our age we would have come a long way. I chose to start my journey with the easy things (something is better than nothing) it’s also easier for me to let go of straws, plastic bags, plastic cups and plastic water bottles than my beloved Lancôme face serum. Yes, I know I can decant but I’m not there yet on the journey...I will get there though. I carry these three with me whenever I travel; metal straw, glass coffee cup, flask and cloth bag. With nearly 66million people in the UK, if we all gave up bottled water (when it’s perfectly safe for us to drink tap water) imagine what a huge difference that would make? OK, rant over.

5) Russian Dolls

Lastly this may sound obvious but make like a matryoshka doll. Just like a Russian doll, plan your luggage so that everything fits inside each other. So I always like to have an evening bag, but I will make sure I pack a flat clutch that fits inside my holdall, and I will pack my iPad inside the clutch so it doubles up as a protective case. This means leaving behind any awkwardly shaped items. If that fails...wear it. I love a straw hat whilst I am away but hate having it get destroyed in my bag so, I just pop it on my head. Voila. Happy packing!

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