• Visiting Rome

See Rome and Die

There is so much about Rome that has to be done. The Colosseum, gelato, that sheet like delicious romana style pizza, the Trevi fountain, the Vatican. The list goes on. What I would say is take your time with it. Don't do that awful millennial thing of cramming as much as you can it just to go up to landmark and take a selfie for "the gram". Rome is a city that needs to be enjoyed like a fine wine, sipped slowly and lovingly. If you don't have much time in Rome just pick a handful of sites to see and really enjoy them. Much like the late Anthony Bourdain (legend), why the hell would you on holiday somewhere beautiful just to stand in queues all day.

My family have visited Rome several times (without me) and every trip for me I was always away with my then boyfriend or busy with work. (Note to my 20 year old self: spend more time travelling and making memories with your family). I never thought I was missing out as I had always thought of it as the place I had the lucky escape from when it came to the annual retreat to the Vatican to meet the Pope. I expected outright Catholicism and a few old crumbly buildings; well how wrong was I? Rome is quite simply B.R.E.A.T.H.T.A.K.I.N.G also it is freakishly clean, which obviously I am naturally here for. I landed late at night so didn’t want to take a chance trying to navigate my way to my hotel on my own in the dark. I got a cab from the airport which cost me an eye watering €50. I still don’t know if he just saw a SFT i.e. a single female tourist and thought, “payday” but hey I needed to get to my hotel safely in the early hours of the morning.

After a complete saga with two hotels on Booking.com - long story short I booked a hotel near the airport, advertised as an airport hotel that doesn’t do checkin any later than 8pm? That clearly wasn’t going to work for my 12.30am arrival tome. The I booked another hotel, same issue. So finally I contacted this hotel directly over email and they offered me a great rate. 4 star €45 inc breakfast. My hotel was perfect and such a bargain. I recommend contacting the hotel directly for your booking as you are likely to get a much better rate.

The next day I set off into town via public transport. It's very easy getting the bus around Rome, you just need to buy a strip of tickets from a newsagent and then hop on. Be sure to validate your ticket when you get on the bus (by popping it in the ticket machine). Thankfully the hotel was only an 8 minute walk from St Peters Basilica and the Vatican. When I finally got there after the walk in 34 degree heat I had to sit and take it all in. The beautiful pale colours of the stone and blue sky were postcard perfect. I got there fairly early and the crowds were not too bad at all. I would spend at least half a day here in Vatican City there is so much to absorb.

Then to round of an evening in Rome, you must enjoy dinner al fresco. Buon Appetito.

(and yes I know I had a cheese-less pizza - it was delightful)



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